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I am part of the Technology & Operations faculty at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. I teach courses in Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

This site is an attempt to archive my thoughts and amplify works by my students.

If you are looking to hire people at the intersection of technology and business, I hope you will consider my bright students. This site features outputs of many of my students – and I typically link to their LinkedIn page.

I can be reached through my faculty page at Ross: Sanjeev Kumar. or via Email: sankum@umich.edu.


I teach the following courses at Ross:

TO404 Big Data Manipulation and Visualization

Undergraduate elective course focused on managing Big Data and building visualizations on large datasets. The course is run in R.

TO414 Advanced Analytics for Management Consulting

The flagship data analytics course at Ross (in my opinion :-)) – goes through the entire lifecycle of an analytics workflow – descriptive analytics through predictive analytics. Course has evolved to now have heavy emphasis on Machine Learning algorithms. Based in R.

TO426 Mobile Innovation Development

TO433 Artificial Intelligence for Business

TO450 Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

TO626 Mobile Innovation Development

TO628 Advanced Big Data Analytics

TO633 Artificial Intelligence for Business


Peer Reviewed Journal and Refereed Conference Publications