Publishing to WordPress from MS-Word

It is a whole new world out there. I am trying to see if I can publish to WordPress from MS-Word.

This is a test post with some text content, some images and some references. Let’s see if this works.

I using a pretty standard approach of building an MS-Word .docx file with the Blog template, connecting MS-Word to WordPress using built in authentication in Word, and just following the default process for publishing.

Update: Couple of things I needed to do in WP Console after the Word publishing process – assigning a featured image and assigning categories and tags. Overall the results are satisfactory especially if you first “publish as draft” and then touch-up the draft in WP Console before publishing.

Missing my students!

Now that the semester is over, I truly miss interacting with my bright students every day in person. My last in-person class session was way back in second week of March. Below is the picture of the last class session I was in – my wonderful students in TO433 Artificial Intelligence for Business class. All of them have now graduated, left campus and will be starting their professional careers with a couple of months. Upwards and onwards my wonderful students.

Trust in Artificial Intelligence

My recent research efforts are centered around the concept of trust in AI. I wrote a small blog post about it recently (Kumar, 2020). There have been a couple of impactful recent research work in the area (Ferrario et al., 2019; Rossi, 2018) but there are several important research questions that need to be explored.


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Kumar, S. (2020, May 4). We Don’t Have an AI Trust Issue, We have an Industry Reputation Issue. Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

Rossi, F. (2018). Building trust in artificial intelligence. Journal of International Affairs, 72(1), 127–134.