Updating R Packages for New Version

R Version Check

We are getting a new version of R. Yay! According to R-Project, the Version 4.0.0 was released yesterday. I guess I will need to update my R. Let’s check what I am running right now.

paste(version$major, version$minor,sep = ".")
## [1] "3.6.1"

Yup – I am at 3.6.1 so I definitely need to update. Time to launch my default update script:

Updating R Version

# R Update Script for Windows
# eval = FALSE, I am not ready to update yet.

However, before I can update, I need to make sure that all my packages will get moved to the new version. So time for a quick bit of code to ensure that.

Saving All Packages

# First save a list of all installed packages
packagelist <- installed.packages()

# Now save the list to a local file
saveRDS(packagelist, "packagelist.rds")

Now we are good to update R version using the code in previous section. Note that if you are using RStudio, it is typically better to call updateR function from raw R session and not from an RStudio session.

Loading Packages in Updated R Version

So you have updated your R version. All went smooth. Now you would want all your packages back. Here you go:

# First read the list of R packages
listofpackages <- readRDS("packagelist.rds")
# Now install all the packages in the list to the new version

That’s it. All your packages would not have moved to your updated R version.